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10 Handmade Leather Wallets

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Choosing a wallet for yourself is very personal, it’s a simple way of showing off your unique style and personality. Leather is among the most popular materials for wallets because of its unique patterns and durability that could last you a lifetime. If you’re looking for a unique wallet that suits your style check out these handmade leather wallets that come in different styles and sizes.

handmade leather wallets

Do Leather Wallets Last Longer?

Genuine Leather wallets generally last longer than other wallets made of different materials. But this would also depend on the type and quality of leather used in making them. The life of your leather wallets also depends on how you maintain them in the long run. A high-quality leather wallet usually lasts for about 10 years while those wallets made of lower quality genuine leather can last up to 3-5 years.

How Do I Choose A Good Leather Wallet?

Choosing a good leather wallet is not that hard, you just have to remember the following factors below so you’re sure that you are buying a wallet well worth your money.

  • Leather quality– Good quality wallets are mostly made from full-grain leather. These leather materials are tough and resist wear and tear more. 
  • Design & Capacity– To choose the perfect design and wallet capacity try to look into your current wallet and see how much cash and cards you carry daily. After that, you can then choose a convenient design that can hold all of your necessities.
  • Wallet Size– If you’re a front pocket person, choose a front pocket wallet that is quite slim and smaller than the average-sized wallets. If you prefer your wallets on your back pockets then any bifold wallet will do just fine.
  • Craftsmanship– Pay attention to details like stitching, good quality wallets are made by artisans who have practiced and perfected the art of wallet making over the years.

Handmade Leather Wallets To Last You A Lifetime

Handmade Leather Wallets

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