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9 Handmade Pumpkin Placemats

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Fall has a beautiful way of making its grand entrance obvious to all of us. And as nature paints its warm shades of orange and reds, it’s now up to us to create a cozy home that is perfect for fall. As you decorate and put everything pumpkin inside and outside your homes, make sure you get a hold of these handmade pumpkin placemats that are such great pieces to show off this fall.

Handmade pumpkin placemats

What Are The Purpose Of Placemats?

More than just decorative pieces for tables, placemats are also practical and serve a purpose in protecting your tables. Unlike table clothes that cover an entire table, proper placemats function to protect the dining table against heat from serving dishes as well shielding your tables from food and water stains.

Should I Use Round Or Rectangle Placemats?

When choosing placemats a good rule of thumb is to have placemats that share the same edges as your table. For round tables, it is ideal to put placemats that have round edges, while for square tables it’s best to have placemats that have straight edges. 

One Of A Kind Handmade Pumpkin Placemats

9 Handmade Pumpkin Placemats

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