DIY Pumpkin Hoop Wreaths

If you’re into seasonal decor you might know by now that wreaths aren’t just for Christmas anymore, they make the perfect Halloween decorations too! For that, here is a tutorial on how to make DIY Pumpkin Hoop wreaths perfect to hang on your front doors. It’s super easy to make, even your little crafters join in the fun!

15 Handmade Gifts for Christmas

handmade christmas gifts

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching, and we all know what this means. It’s time to play the role of Santa and send the best gifts for the special people in your lives. While there are tons of Holiday gift ideas on the market there are those those that speak the true language of gift-giving. Handmade gifts are extra special because of the thoughtfulness and love that’s gone into making them. To save you the hassle of finding the perfect gifts, here are some of the best handmade gifts for Christmas that will make their holidays cheery and bright!

Handmade Gifts for Her

handmade gifts for her

Show your appreciation for all the special women in your life by giving them these thoughtful handmade gifts that you can give no matter what the occasion. Every woman loves to feel extra special that’s why these unique handmade gifts for her are perfect. So if you haven’t found the best gift for your special ladies yet, here are some terrific handcrafted gift ideas to help you out.

DIY Apple Cinnamon Soap Bars

Apple cinnamon

Apple cinnamon soap bars are certainly a fall favorite that luxuriously lathers and moisturizes the skin. If you’re absolutely a fan, there’s no reason for you not to make these at home. This DIY Apple Cinnamon Soap Bars is super easy to make for your personal use as well as the perfect gift idea this fall.

DIY Spider Sack Mini Soaps

Halloween is coming up, have you thought of any fun and easy Halloween crafts that the whole family will enjoy making together. No worries, because we’ve got this amazing DIY Spider Sack Mini Soaps recipe that you whip up in just a few minutes. 

10 Handmade Gifts for Him That He’ll Surely Love

handmade gifts for him

If you haven’t thought of a gift for the special guys in your life, we certainly understand. If there’s one thing that’s hard when it comes to gift shopping, it’s choosing the best gifts for him. But don’t lose hope because we got your back! We’ve rounded up these cool handmade gifts for him that he will surely appreciate. 

14 Special Handmade Aprons You’ll Never Want to take Off


An apron, as some would say, is the uniform of creativity, put them on, and suddenly you’re in the mood for cooking, crafting, or gardening. They’re also your best option if you don’t want to spoil your favorite clothes with dirt and stains. Aprons come in so many designs and patterns, and if you want to stand out, these handmade aprons are your best bet. Check them all out!

15 Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

There’s a nip in the air that signals the Holiday season and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate Christmas. And what better way to mark the beginning of this wonderful season by dressing up your Christmas tree with beautiful lights, garlands, and perhaps the most important of them all, the ornaments. Here are some unique and fascinating handmade Christmas ornaments that will become your next favorite keepsake.

DIY Fabric Pumpkins

DIy fabric pumpkins

It’s that time of the year again when pumpkins take the spotlight. Pumpkins rule when it comes to fall decoration and it’s definitely when you get to make your very own pumpkin decor. So here is an easy and simple DIY fabric pumpkins tutorial that you can do at home with the whole family.