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Bath & Body Products

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There’s nothing quite like feeling fresh and smelling fresh using luxurious handmade moisturizing soaps, body scrubs, and lotions that create that complete spa experience. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to make your own bath & body products or simply want to buy one for yourself, we’re here to help you narrow down your options. Here are great bath & body product ideas that will give your body the pampering that it deserves. 

bath & body products

Benefits of Handmade Bath & Body Products

You’ve probably come across tons of bath and body products in stores that are mostly made of concentrated ingredients and chemicals that are not really doing anything good to the skin. Using handmade bath and body products that are made from natural ingredients has a lot of benefits to our skin, these are the following;

  • They have no chemicals that are toxic or harmful to the skin
  • You know exactly what goes into your skin
  • They have a unique artisan design
  • They are environmentally friendly 
  • Gentler over time since they don’t contain unnecessary fillers or irritants.
  • They’re perfect as gifts!

Must-Have Bath & Body Products

Bath & body products come in various forms and sizes. These are your soaps, lotions, scrubs, body cream, shower gels/ body wash, etc. With so many products on the market, it’s hard to choose what’s best for you. If you want to skip products filled with chemicals that don’t do good to your skin, it’s best to choose handmade bath & body products that will nourish your skin the natural way.

Handmade Soaps 

Level up your self-care routine with the best handmade soaps we found on Etsy. Made with high-quality and nourishing ingredients, your skin will surely be in the lap of luxury.

Handmade Soaps

DIY Bath & Body Products

If you think making your own soap, lotions, and scrub is complicated, think again. Because these DIY bath & body products are super quick and easy to make, you can whip up an entire batch in no time.

Easy DIY Orange Clove Layered Soap

This DIY orange clove layered soap tutorial is an easy soap recipe that you can do in the comfort of your home. A unique and wonderful handmade gift idea you’ll surely enjoy making.

DIY Orange Clove Layered Soap

DIY Apple Cinnamon Soap Bars

This DIY Apple Cinnamon Soap Bar recipe highlights the warm scent of cinnamon added with rich fragrance apples. Check out how simple and easy it is to make.

Apple cinnamon soap bars

Easy DIY Sweet Orange and Vanilla Lotion Bars

Keep your skin moisturized not only in winter but all year long using handmade lotion bars. This DIY Sweet Orange and Vanilla Lotion Bars are the perfect addition to your self-care routine.

DIY Sweet Orange and Vanilla Lotion bars

DIY Vanilla Almond Sugar Scrub

No need to go to the spa to get rid of that dirt and dead skin cells because you can make your own sugar scrub in as easy as 1-2-3! Just follow this simple DIY Vanilla Almond Sugar Scrub recipe.

DIY Vanilla Almond Sugar Scrub (7)

DIY Spider Sack Mini Soaps

Halloween crafts you say? This DIY Spider Sack Mini Soap recipe is perfect for the spooky season. 

DIY Spider Sack Mini Soaps

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