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DIY Strawberry Coconut Sugar Scrub

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This strawberry coconut sugar scrub is so easy to make at home you’ll wonder why you never tried to DIY it before! Using only a few simple ingredients you’ll be able to make this sugar scrub recipe in no time. You can also double or triple the recipe for an easy homemade gift idea they won’t be able to resist. 

 Strawberry Coconut Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub 

Sugar scrub is not just a regular beauty product. Gentle sugar crystals exfoliate dead skin cells and help keep a healthy skin, as well as stimulate circulation. 

This DIY Strawberry Coconut Sugar Scrub recipe will help in exfoliating your skin and moisturizing it even in the colder, dry months. 

Does Sugar Scrub Need To Be Refrigerated?

Sugar scrubs don’t need to be refrigerated. Although putting it inside the fridge can help prolong its shelf life.

How Long Will Sugar Scrub Last?

At room temperature, sugar scrubs will last for at least one to two months. When kept inside the fridge, sugar scrubs can last up to 6 months. You’ll also want to keep your sugar scrubs in airtight containers like a mason jar with a lid

Strawberry Coconut Sugar Scrub

How to Make Strawberry Coconut Sugar Scrub?

This DIY sugar scrub recipe is so easy to make you’ll never buy in stores again. Reveal your youthful looking glow by making this quick and simple DIY Strawberry Coconut Sugar Scrub.



Add the sugar and sweet almond oil into a bowl and stir well.

Add the mica powder, and stir until the color is well blended. 

Add mica powder Strawberry Coconut Sugar Scrub

Add strawberry and coconut fragrance oils, and stir well.

strawberry and coconut fragrance oils

To gift, scoop the contents into 4 – 4oz jars.

Strawberry Coconut Sugar Scrub
Strawberry Coconut Sugar Scrub

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