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Easy DIY Wire Wrap Bracelet

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Fashion enthusiasts know the key to a well-put-together outfit are accessories. One of which are bracelets that can best present your taste, unique style, and personality. While there are plenty of bracelets you can buy from the mall or online shops they can be quite expensive, that’s why being a little crafty can go a long way. This easy DIY wire wrap bracelet is one of the many things you can create on your own without spending much.

Easy DIY Wire wrap bracelet

DIY Wire Wrap Bracelet: What Do I Need?

Before you get to making your very own wire wrap bracelet here are the the supplies you’ll be needing. 

Memory Wire

Bracelets are the easiest and most common thing to make using this type of wire but they can also be used for other fun jewelry crafts. 

Assortment of Seed Beads

The fun part is that you have the freedom to choose what color or type of beads to use in this DIY wire wrap bracelet.  The best types of beads to use are seed beads, polymer clay beads, and crystal beads.

Jewelry Pliers

For this specific project you’ll need a round nose jewelry plier with a cutter. If you want to create more DIY accessories or jewelry in the future, much better if you get yourself a set of jewelry pliers.


Easy DIY Wire wrap bracelet

How To Make DIY Wire Wrap Bracelet?

Excited to make your very own bracelet? Here is an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make a fun wire wrap bracelet. Using only three materials you’ll have a cute wrap bracelet to finish off your unique style in no time.  



Cut the wire so that there are 4 loops.

cut wire wrap bracelet

Using the jewelry pliers, make a loop on one end of the wire, and turn it inward. This will prevent beads from falling off the wire, and protect your skin from any sharp edges.

loop Wire wrap bracelet

Dump the beads onto a plate, and use the end of the wire to feed beads onto the bracelet. Continue doing this until the bracelet is filled with beads. You can do a pattern if you’d like, or just let it flow in a random pattern like I did.

feed beads Wire wrap bracelet

Once you have come to the end of the wire, repeat step 2.

Easy DIY Wire wrap bracelet

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Easy DIY Wire wrap bracelet

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