DIY Pumpkin Hoop Wreaths

If you’re into seasonal decor you might know by now that wreaths aren’t just for Christmas anymore, they make the perfect Halloween decorations too! For that, here is a tutorial on how to make DIY Pumpkin Hoop wreaths perfect to hang on your front doors. It’s super easy to make, even your little crafters join in the fun!

DIY Fabric Pumpkins

DIy fabric pumpkins

It’s that time of the year again when pumpkins take the spotlight. Pumpkins rule when it comes to fall decoration and it’s definitely when you get to make your very own pumpkin decor. So here is an easy and simple DIY fabric pumpkins tutorial that you can do at home with the whole family.

9 Handmade Pumpkin Placemats

pumpkin placemats

Fall has a beautiful way of making its grand entrance obvious to all of us. And as nature paints its warm shades of orange and reds, it’s now up to us to create a cozy home that is perfect for fall. As you decorate and put everything pumpkin inside and outside your homes, make sure you get a hold of these handmade pumpkin placemats that are such great pieces to show off this fall.

11 Handmade Pumpkin Dolls

There’s no time to be lonely and sulky this fall because these unique and adorable handmade pumpkin dolls are set to keep you company throughout the season. Just be ready because you might want to start a pumpkin doll collection when you get a hold of these sweet little pumpkin cuties.

12 Best Handmade Pumpkin Candles For Fall

pumpkin candles

There are so many things that remind us of the wonderful season that is Fall. From the beautiful fall foliage to everything that is pumpkin! And speaking of pumpkin, have you gotten yourself some nice scented candles this fall? If you’re still looking for the perfect one, here are some great handmade pumpkin candles that will leave your home smelling like fall.

10 Unique Handmade Plush Pumpkins To Decorate Your Home This Fall

Pumpkins are a beloved symbol of Fall and take the center stage to many celebrations and festivals this time of the year. From Halloween to Thanksgiving pumpkin decors never get old, and to add to your growing love for pumpkin decors, here are some unique handmade plush pumpkins to keep you company during this Fall season.