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14 Special Handmade Aprons You’ll Never Want to take Off

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A apron, as some would say, is the uniform of creativity, put them on, and suddenly you’re in the mood for cooking, crafting, or gardening. They’re also your best option if you don’t want to spoil your favorite clothes with dirt and stains. Aprons come in so many designs and patterns, and if you want to stand out, these handmade aprons are your best bet. Check them all out!

handmade aprons

What Are Aprons Used For?

An apron is a garment that is worn over clothing that mainly covers the front part of the body. And over the years apron has been worn as part of uniforms, trades, and rituals or just as a fashion statement. The main purpose of aprons is to keep clothes clean from dirt and stain during cooking, painting, gardening, etc. 

How Many Types Of Aprons Are There?

There are 10 types of aprons that bring different levels of functionality depending on their use. If you’re not familiar with them, here are different kinds of aprons and their specific purpose.

  • Bib– It is the most common and most known type of apron. It comes with an adjustable loop for the neck and another tie used to secure it around the waist. It is commonly used at home or in restaurants. 
  •  Server & Waist Aprons It is tied around the waist and doesn’t provide upper body coverage. Their short length makes them more comfortable to wear for servers who often walk around the facility.
  • 4 Way Aprons– This apron has four layers and is the best option for people who need to use them multiple times before washing. People who use them are usually chefs and kitchen staff.
  • Bistro Aprons– Doesn’t provide upper body coverage but has a longer length providing more coverage to the lower half of the body. They also usually come with multiple pockets for pens, checks, etc. 
  • Tuxedo Aprons– It’s an upscale version of your bib. They are usually paired with a white button-down shirt for a more crisp look. They are typically worn by servers on banquets and catered events.
  • Cobbler Aprons– This type of apron provides front and back upper body coverage. You can see them being worn mostly in schools, hospitals, and housekeeping personnel.
  • Waterproof Aprons– Its shape and size are similar to the bib apron except they are waterproof. Used mostly by dishwashers and other positions that deal with water. 
  • Disposable– It also looks and works like your typical bib aprons, except they are disposable. They are made usually of plastic or other disposable material and are meant to be used once. 
  • Woodworking– These aprons are tougher and tear-resistant that are primarily used by woodworkers. They are usually made of heavy-duty canvas or leather.
  • Designer Aprons They look like traditional aprons that are typically worn by women who bake at home. They’re functional and eye-catching.

Handmade Aprons Made In USA

Handmade Aprons

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