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12 Handmade Beaded Earrings To Style Up Your Look

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Nowadays, beaded jewelry and accessories are popping up everywhere. Although it is a booming trend right now, these statement pieces have always been around for years. With that in mind, we’re happy to share with you our top 12 finds of handmade beaded earrings that go from simple and elegant to some fun and quirky ones.

handmade beaded earrings

How Do You Care For Beaded Earrings?

Taking care of beaded earrings sometimes depends on the materials it is made of. But here are some general tips on how to take care of your beaded earrings to help them retain their beauty for years. 

  • Clean with a soft brush in case there is dirt trapped in between the beads.
  • Wear them wisely- Avoid pulling/ tugging the earrings and avoid hitting them on hard surfaces.
  • For fine beaded jewelry, make sure you clean them before storing them. Wipe it first with a clean, soft, slightly damp cloth after wearing it.
  • Store it in a clean and dry area or a box.

12 Handmade Beaded Earrings

Show your personality and style up your look with these handmade beaded earrings that go from casual to formal.

Handmade Beaded Earrings

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