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16 Handmade Halloween Decorations For Outside

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Halloween is a great time to be creative and unique. That’s why these handmade Halloween decorations for outside are perfect for the spooky season! From cute to scary, you’ll definitely have lots of fun picking out the best from this list.

Handmade Halloween Decorations For Outside

When Should You Decorate For Halloween Outside?

As you prepare for Halloween, the most popular time to start decorating for Halloween is within the first couple of weeks of October. However, you can also start to put up your Halloween decorations as early as late September, it’s your call. Decorating for Halloween would also depend on how many decorations you are going to put up. If you choose to go big this time, then you can start at an earlier time frame. 

How Can I Decorate My Outside For Halloween On A Budget?

You don’t have to spend much on Halloween decorations if you want. Give your yards and porch a spooktacular look by just following these easy and practical tips.

  • Halloween DIY decorations are one of the best ways to save some money. You can see some awesome handmade Halloween decoration ideas on the list below.
  • Decide on a theme and stick to buying decorations that suit your theme.

Some of the most popular Halloween themes are skeleton, zombie & graveyard theme, Halloween horror movie, and haunted house theme.

  • Look through our stuff at home and see if you can find things that can be reused.
  • Set a budget to avoid overspending

How Do You Hang Outdoor Halloween Decorations?

Halloween outdoor decorating is definitely fun but can be tricky sometimes. Hanging them up and securing them so they stay through the season can be resolved by trying out these simple tips.

  • Remember to avoid using nails to sidings because these tiny holes can cause damages in the future.
  • Use Zip Ties
  • Use Duct tapes to secure cords.
  • Hang your Halloween lights using All-Purpose light clips
  • Support heavy decorations using strong fishing lines that are practically invisible at night.
  • Use double-sided tapes when putting decorations on your walls, windows, and the front door.

What Are The Best Handmade Halloween Decorations For Outside?

16 Handmade Halloween Decorations For Outside

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