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11 Handmade Pumpkin Dolls

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There’s no time to be lonely and sulky this fall because these unique and adorable handmade pumpkin dolls are set to keep you company throughout the season. Just be ready because you might want to start a pumpkin doll collection when you get a hold of these sweet little pumpkin cuties.

handmade pumpkin doll

What Is The Best Material For Making Dolls?

There are several types of materials that are used for making handmade dolls. Each material has a unique quality that makes them different from the others. The most common materials used in making handmade dolls are cotton, calico, muslin, linen, flannel, fleece, and yarns for crochet dolls.

What Are Primitive Dolls?

Primitive dolls are made of fabrics that have the characteristic grungy, old-fashioned, and primitive look. They typically come with homespun clothing, rag hair, buttons, tea-dyed tags, and more. Its unique look and charm make them great decorative pieces, be sure to check some great handmade primitive pumpkin dolls we have on the list below.

Unique Handmade Pumpkin Dolls

Handmade Pumpkin Doll

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