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8 Handmade Pumpkin Pillows To Complete Your Fall Decor

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How’s your home decor progress for fall coming up? Still, thinking of ways to complete your Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations? If you’re still up for one, here are some unique and fluffy handmade pumpkin pillows that can be used to decorate every corner of your homes this fall.

Handmade pumpkin pillow

What Is The Best Pillow Filling?

The best filling for pillows can be subjective because each type has its characteristic that may or may not work on a certain type of audience. But in case you’re in the market for some nice pillows, here is a brief rundown of the types of pillow filling.

  • Down Pillow Filling– This comes from the undercoating of a bird’s feather called “down”. Down Pillow Fillings are moldable, light and durable making them one of the best materials for decorative/throw pillows mixed with feathers.
  • Feather Pillow Filling– A cheaper material than Down fillings. This material tends to lose a considerable amount of loft and can become flat with constant use over time. For this reason, it is typically mixed with down filling to slow lessen this effect.
  • Polyester FiberfillPoly Fill are very cheap, light, and very easy to clean but on the downside, it’s not very breathable and retains body heat. It can also clump together over time and can be uncomfortable to use.
  • Microbead Pillow– Breathable and moldable as well but tend to lose their shape and flatten out faster than other filling materials.
  • Shredded Memory Foam– retains their shape impressively which makes them so popular. The shredded memory foams are moldable and don’t clump over time. 

Unique Handmade Pumpkin Pillow

These one of a kind handmade pumpkin pillows are the perfect pieces to complete your cozy autumn homes. Check them out!

Handmade Pumpkin Pillows

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