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Easy DIY No Sew Upcycled Christmas Sock Gnomes

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Christmas sock gnomes have quickly captured everyone’s heart over the past holiday season, and it’s not too late to join this trend too. They make the perfect Christmas decor that will certainly put a smile on everyone’s face. They’re fun, whimsical, and not to mention, super easy to make! Follow along as we show you how to make this no-sew upcycled Christmas sock gnomes that is beyond adorable.

Christmas Sock Gnomes

Story Of Christmas Gnomes

These cute gnomes are so popular, they’re literally everywhere during the holiday season. But have you ever wondered where these holiday favorites originated?

Christmas gnomes actually came from Scandinavian folklore where they were believed to be household spirits or house gnomes who are responsible for protecting and taking care of the farm and family. In Norway, they are also called Nisse.

They eventually became associated with Christmas because they serve as present bearers. Also, legends have it that gnomes go out from their forest niches during Christmas day and walk through the front doors of homes to deliver presents.

 Christmas Sock Gnomes

How to Make No Sew Upcycled Christmas Sock Gnome

Make these DIY No Sew Upcycled Christmas Sock Gnomes in just a few minutes. They are perfect to add to your Christmas decor or as gifts for the holidays. 



Use the scissors to cut the grey crew sock right above the heel. Discard the upper part of the sock.

step one sock gnomes

Fit the grey sock over the fatter bottom end of the cone, center the crease or “toe line” in the center of the bottom of the cone, pull up, then hot glue around the inside of the sock where you made the cut in step one, then glue to the cone.

grey sock over the gnome

Cut a 5×2.5 inch strip of the faux fur, then make small cuts on the bottom towards the center, leaving about 1 inch in the center.

faux fur

Apply hot glue to the back of the faux fur, and glue it on top of the grey sock. This will become the gnome beard.

hot glue faux fur

Use the scissors to cut the Christmas sock right above the heel. Discard the lower heel and toe part of the sock.

christmas sock

Fit the sock over the top of the cone, overlapping the grey sock by a bit, then apply hot glue to the inside of the Christmas sock, and glue it onto the grey sock. Flip the cone to the back, and cut a slit down the sock, then make small diagonal cuts on each side.

fit sock over top of cone overlapping grey sock

Use hot glue to bond it back together, shaping it to a cone.

use hot glue to bond it shaping into a cone

Apply hot glue to the wooden ball, and attach to the center of the beard, about ¼ inch below the Christmas sock line.

attach wooden ball for nose with hot glue
completed Christmas sock gnome

More Handmade Christmas Gnomes For You

Here are more adorable Christmas gnomes that are all handmade in the USA. They’re a special addition to your holiday decor and make wonderful gifts to give.

Handmade Christmas Gnomes

Christmas Sock Gnomes

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